Apple event roundup

We’ve had a bit of time to digest what Apple presented yesterday in San Francisco so here is PCR’s main takeaways from the event.

The iPhone 7 is here… but the headphone jack isn’t

Confirming what we pretty much already knew, the new iPhone has arrived sans the 3.5mm headphone jack that has become standard since the Walkman came out in 1979. Apple has some of the most rabid fans in the tech world, but this move represents a major test of the trust that consumers have in the company. Instead of the jack that users have come to expect over the past few decades, users will have to use bluetooth headphones, specifically designed headphones which have a lightning cable, or use a 3.5mm-lightning adapter (which, surprisingly for Apple, comes bundled in the box).

Apple’s Phil Schiller repeatedly stated that the team behind this is showing "courage" by making this shift, but it could be argued that the company is creating a solution for a problem that didn’t really ever exist. 

Good riddance to 16GB

At long last, the iPhone will cease to come in a 16GB version and will start life at 32GB. While it might put some bloggers who have based their existence on coaching people about how to best utilise their minimal phone storage space, it is undoubtedly a long overdue move that consumers have been chomping at the bit for. 

Apple Watch Series 2 is also here … but battery life is a concern

Apple also updated its Watch, calling it ‘Series 2’. While it might look the same, Series 2 has some serious improvements under the hood. A new dual-core processor and a new GPU will see 50 per cent faster performance and double the graphics. In addition, built-in GPS allows the device to perform mapping without connection to a phone. 

The main selling point, however, is the device’s move to a waterproof – or swim proof – casing which should see it have a much greater appeal to people who use the device for fitness.

The Watch has bolstered up specs but there was no mention made of the battery life which already is a concern for many users of the current iteration of the device. 

The new iPhones will be water and dust resistant

In a move that consumers have (unlike the abandonment of the headphone jack) been crying out for, the iPhone will finally be water and dust resistant. You might not want to go swimming with the device, but it’s something that consumers have wanting for years. 

Dual cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus

The bigger of the two iPhones will be the first Apple device to be equipped with two rear-facing cameras. Rather than allowing users to shoot in 3D, the dual 12-megapixel sensors mean greater image manipulation and being able to do more tricks with focusing. 

The smaller iPhone doesn’t have two rear-facing cameras but it is getting an upgrade from the 6S with the new 12-megapixel sensor, a new flash, an f1.8 lens and optical image stabilisation. 

September releases for Apple’s OS updates

Along with announcing the release of the Watch Series 2 (late October), iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (September 15th), Apple also revealed when the latest versions of their operating systems will be released. iOS 10, giving users new features such as an overhauled version of Siri and a redesigned iMessage app, will be out September 13th. MacOS’s next update, Sierra, will officially launch on September 20th.

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