DevTech plans to transform resellers into partners

DevTech has announced plans to recruit more European channel partners and is promising to turn resellers into service providers.

These companies will be able to provide additional services to customers via DevTech’s vPoint platform.

vPoint is an automated infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform created with the intention of turning resellers into service providers. As a result partners should get a much better return on their customer relationship management (CRM). 

Last week, Dev Tech signed a global distribution deal with Ingram Micro, which will see vPoint distributed across Ingram Micro’s partner network. 

Sean Oberholtzer, cloud business development director at Ingram Micro said: “Ingram Micro remains committed to helping businesses realize the promise of technology through cloud services and we are pleased to partner with DevTech to further expand on these efforts.

“We look forward to providing our partners with a solution that enhances their IaaS offering and accelerates the growth of their cloud business.”

DevTech hopes that this partnership will help the company to expand across Europe as a leading cloud provider. 

DevTech CEO Milovan Milic said: “Service providers and telecommunication companies around the world are increasing the number of different cloud infrastructure technologies in their offerings.

"As a result, they are faced with operational and business complexities which get transferred onto the end-customer.

"Cloud infrastructure should be less complex for the end-customer, and this is the goal we have set to achieve with vPoint.

We are very excited to be working together with Ingram Micro to jointly deliver our solution to customers worldwide and bring service simplicity to the forefront."

The vPoint platform will enable channel partners to manage services from various cloud sources like Azure, Google CP and VMware. 

DevTech hopes that these services, coupled with the recent announcement of its partnership with Ingram Micro, will contribute towards helping the company’s expansion across Europe.

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