Start-up raises $20 million to help bring drones to businesses

The firm behind an automated drone-mapping app targeting businesses has managed to secure $20 million in funding, according to TechCrunch.

Drones and technology associated with the device can help businesses automate drone flight and explore map data directly from an app.

The app is compatiable with iOS and Andriod devices allowing users to control drones via the smartphone devices. 

Drone Deploy has stated that its technology is currently being used in 130 different countries, across ‘every imaginable industry.’

The market for drones is significantly increasing, with shipments predicted to reach 800,000 in 2021, according to data compiled by BI Intelligence.

Shipments of consumer drones will increase over the next five years as the marketplace opens up, competes and consumer demand for drones soars.

 There has been plenty of debate surrounding the commercial use of drones. Reports citing incidents of drones disrupting commercial airplane flights in the UK have lead to drone use being strictly reviewed.

In America, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has issued new rules and regulations about how drones can be used in American air space.

Whilst regulators get to grips with drone activity and drone technology, they could save businesses $7 million globally according to PwC.

Additional information states that revenues from commercial drones sales are predicted to reach $12 billion in 2021.

With all of these forecasts and predictions, and Drone Deploy helping businesses to adopt drone technology, you can expect the market to broaden further in the future.

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