Small retailers ‘should adopt omnichannel practices to compete with larger rivals’

Small retailers should adopt an omnichannel approach if they want to remain competitive against larger retailers, according to Anagram Systems.

The business management software provider has highlighted that an increasing number of consumers are combining online searches for product information and services, with visits to brick and mortar stores.

 An omnichannel approach offers customers several ways to purchase/a more integrated shopping experience.

Citing research from Mastercard Insights: The Omnishopper has arrived 2015, eight out of ten consumers are using a computer, tablet, in-store technology or a smartphone to shop and to find out additional information about products they want to possibly purchase.

Andrew Morgan, MD at Anagram Systems, said: “In the last two years, we’ve seen a leap in the number of retailers which are adopting an omnichannel approach and are growing sales and customer satisfaction levels as a direct result.

“Businesses which cater for the fact that people now shop in different ways, moving between online and offline retail channels before making a decision, are providing the gold-standard shopping experience that consumers and business buyers now expect as standard and take for granted.”

Business management apps like Encore and e-commerce channels like eBay and Amazon make online retail more accessible for smaller retailers.

Morgan added: “The good news for small retailers is that they are often more agile than their larger competitors and can make changes to internal processes and introduce new technology in a short space of time.

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