Is Samsung about to start selling refurbished smartphones?

Samsung is thinking about selling second-hand smartphones, according to an anonymous source.

It’s planning to launch a new program which will see it sell refurbished second-hand Samsung smartphones as early as 2017, reports Reuters.

The tech giant is apparently looking for ways to ‘sustain earnings momentum’ as growth in the smartphone market hits a plateau.

"Samsung wants to maximise its cost efficiency and keep operating margins above 10 per cent," read the Reuters report.

Samsung will apparently be refurbishing smartphones and selling them at a lower price to customers who signed up to one-year upgrade programs, in territories including the US and South Korea.

A Samsung spokesperson said the company does not comment on speculation.

The second-hand market for smartphones and smartphone repairs/parts is a substantial one, especially in certain territories like India, and Samsung looking to delve into this space shows the vendor is looking beyond sales of new devices in a bid to boost its bottom line.

Deloitte says the used smartphone market will be worth more than $17 billion this year, with 120 million devices sold.

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