Customer service done right: Overclockers wins over disgruntled customer

Customer service is so important for any business to get right, especially in today’s fast-paced age of online shopping, social media and next-day delivery.

It’s perhaps even more important in the world of PC gaming and performance products, where customers can be extremely passionate, expectant and knowledgeable. Get something wrong nowadays, and all it takes is one upset customer to lower or alter the reputation of your brand.

Etailer Overclockers UK hasn’t really had a problem with customer service. The firm has been handing out packs of Haribo with orders for a while now, and is known for its customer forums and responsive social media accounts.

Case in point – one disgruntled customer tweeted Overclockers after his order for a Samsung m.2 drive wasn’t shipped, and asked for a refund.

The account tweeted him back, asked for his order number and upgraded his order from a 128GB product to a 256GB one, before personally shipping his order out right away.

A smiling Overclockers UK magician PR manager Steven Levitt then tweeted a picture of himself holding up the item from the warehouse, which drew several comments from impressed customers.

You can check out the full Twitter exchange below:

This also won over the customer, who said he’s already planning his next order:

Hats off to you, OCUK. 

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