Toshiba’s €1m ‘Make IT Work’ campaign to continue for a ‘considerable amount of time’

Toshiba’s large-scale ‘Make IT Work’ marketing campaign is set to continue for the foreseeable future, after first launching at the start of the year.

The European campaign is for business partners and customers operating within the mid-size and corporate markets. Toshiba has invested more than €1 million on the campaign, which features the vendor’s computing range.

Neil Bramley, B2B PC business unit director at Toshiba Northern Europe, told PCR: "It’s a large advertising campaign with substantial investment – it’s well in excess of one million euros. What we really want to focus on is making ICT work for clients.

"Rather than treating it as a commoditised device that people purchase on an ad-hoc manner, it’s important to ensure it’s the right product that works in the most effective way for the client, is tailored to their needs, and that the implementation of it is the very best it can be. 

"It’s what I would call the real end of ICT implementation, where you’re actually using devices in the hand and making them work for the client in the most effective way. As you’ll see as the campaign extends as it moves forward, ‘Make IT Work’ is an umbrella that can be drilled into ‘Make IT Solutions Work’ or ‘Make IT Services Work’ or various connotations that can be more targeted.

"That campaign will be running for a considerable amount of time. And it’s again a part of awareness and demand generation that we’re putting in place to invest in the future of B2B. It’s a multi-layered campaign across media, PR, social, above-the-line and below-the-line communications and events."

The news comes after Toshiba revamped its B2B PC business including a ‘more focused’ distribution strategy.

Toshiba’s business range, its largest to date, consists of 12 new platforms including four hero laptop and hybrid devices – the Tecra A40-C, Portégé Z30-C, Tecra Z40-C and Portégé Z20t-C.

For more details, visit the ‘Make IT work’ website.

Check out the upcoming September issue of PCR for the full interview with Toshiba’s Neil Bramley

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