Who are the top tech PRs? Today’s your last chance to nominate

Now’s your last chance for you to let us know which PRs you think are deserving of special recognition. The deadline for entries is end of play today (Friday July 29th). 

In the September issue of PCR we’ll be highlighting some of the best public relations executives/press officers in the UK tech market.

All you have to do is email us with your nominations for an outstanding PR performer in the UK tech market, including the person’s name, position, company, picture and a short pitch explaining why they should be included in our listing.

If you’re a PR yourself, please feel free to nominate a colleague or yourself; if you’re a journalist please highlight those you feel are deserving of being recognised. Perhaps you have a few PRs working at your company that you feel are deserving of inclusion.

The person must work in PR within the B2C or B2B tech/IT channel, for either an internal team or for an agency. They can be promoting a brand, distributor, retailer, reseller, service company or any other firm working in the UK tech industry.

When whittling down the final list for publication, PCR will consider a range of criteria including experience, helpfulness, number of nominations, creativity, career achievements or any other particular achievements and coverage secured.

The PCR team will then sift through your nominations and curate a list of the UK tech industry’s finest PR talent, which will appear in the September issue of the magazine.

The deadline for submitting your nominations to us is today (Friday, July 29th).

Email us with your nominations now

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