Toshiba outlines ‘more focused’ distribution strategy and growth plans for European business PC market

Toshiba Europe GmbH has announced its ambitions and strategy for the financial year ahead, with aims to cement and grow the company’s position in the business computing market.

It is aiming for double digit growth in key verticals, and has outlined a ‘more focused’ distribution strategy.

"Toshiba’s unwavering commitment to the channel will remain crucial to the company in which it has decided to be more focused with its distribution strategy by forging select, strategic partner relationships in Europe," the firm said in a statement.

The past year has seen Toshiba renew its focus on the mid-market and corporate space while driving closer relationships with its partners and end users through new sales and marketing initiatives – the most recent being the company’s pan-European ‘Make IT work’ campaign, which showed off its business products.

The company has also altered how resource is weighed within its sales teams between partners and end users. Three quarters of the European sales teams are now dedicated to liaising directly to end users in order to foster closer relationships.

Toshiba has also created a dedicated European team to bring new solutions to market. 

In addition, Toshiba’s pan-European call centre, launched in 2015, will dedicate greater resource to communicating with prospective clients in the corporate and mid-market areas directly. It is intended that these conversations will both help to drive new business and present new opportunities for Toshiba’s channel partners.

Toshiba will also continue to focus its efforts on the government, higher education and wider public sector in the UK, Spain, Netherlands and more.

“We believe the investments we are making across EMEA are creating strong conditions for growing our PC business in our core regions and sectors” said Maki Yamashita, Vice President, B2B PC, Toshiba Europe GmbH.

“We’re confident in the strength of our renewed strategy and are aiming for double digit growth across these verticals.”

Further changes will see Toshiba Europe expand its remit to encompass the Middle East and Africa.

The company will also embrace a ‘more nimble’ approach to its product development and production, with all design and manufacturing being entirely in-house. Its latest laptops are now all manufactured by Toshiba’s factory in Hangzhou, China.

Yamashita added: “For us, last year was about refocusing and ensuring we put ourselves in the best possible position to thrive in a competitive sector. We focused on laying the foundations for a structure that gives us the freedom to forge deeper and even more effective relationships with our partners and end-users.

"This was crucial in informing the direction we take our range of dedicated business devices and future solutions, as we take the unique step of assuming complete control of the design and manufacturing process." 

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