Samsung defends Galaxy S7 after report questions water resistance

Samsung has defended its Galaxy S7 phones after a report questioned the company’s waterproof claims.

Samsung has advertised the phone as shatter-resistant and IP68-rated for dust and water resistance but in tests carried out by Consumer Reports, the Galaxy S7 did not live up to claims that the phone could survive immersion in five feet of water for 30 minutes.

After the initial testing where the touchscreen became unresponsive and bubbles were visible on the front and rear camera, a second test was carried out finding similar results.

The report however noted that the Galaxy S7 Active was the only one of the three S7 models to fail the test, with both the S7 Edge and S7 handsets passing the same tests without issue.

Samsung responded to the report by stating that it had “very few complaints” from consumers and that in all cases the phone was covered under warranty. 

In a written response to Consumer Reports, Samsung stated: “The Samsung Galaxy S7 active device is one of the most rugged phones to date and is highly resistant to scratches and IP68 certified.

“There may be an off-chance that a defective device is not as watertight as it should be.”

The company says it is investigating the issue.

Are you a smartphone repairer? Have you noticed any issues with water resistant claims on the Galaxy S7 Active or any other smartphone? Email with the subject ‘Water Resistant Phone’ to contribute.

Watch Consumer Report’s report below 

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