Is Google about to launch its own smartwatch range?

Google is set to enter the wearable tech market with two smartwatches, reports indicate.

A report published by Android Police on Wednesday claims that Google is preparing to release two separate smartwatches codenamed ‘Angelfish’ and ‘Swordfish’. This comes a week after it emerged Google is set to release its own Google-branded smartphone. If reports are to believed, the smarwatches will be released some time after the Google phone but is not clear whether this will be in 2016.

Little is currently known about the two models but it is claimed that the larger Angelfish model will be similar to the Moto 360 with a 43.5mm diameter that accommodates a larger battery. It will also apparently have an LTE chip that will let the watch connect to cellular networks along with GPS and a heart monitor, giving it the ability to be marketed as a stand-alone product without requiring a phone connection.

The smaller watch, codenamed Swordfish, will apparently be comparable to the Pebble Time Round and will lack the LTE chip and GPS of the larger model. It is not known whether either model will be compatible with iPhone or whether they will be tied down to Android.

If the report is to be believed then the wearable tech sector is set to have a huge new player which can only mean more options for a market which will, according to CCS Insight, be valued at $25 billion by 2019.

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