‘Our business is suffering because of Euro 2016’

Is the UEFA Euro 2016 football tournament harming PC sales?

One independent retailer, Paul Gordon from Carlisle-based At Home PC, says his business has been impacted since the tournament began.

"To be honest we’ve had a quiet month with the European cup being on, but it’s helped in a way – we’ve had time to build about half a dozen machines that we normally wouldn’t have done," he told PCR.

"We’re an independent, we’ve been going 12 years, but we’re suffering at the moment because of the European cup. People are buying TVs, barbecues and beers rather than computers.

"Our vendors and disties are saying the same. They’re saying things are quiet – or quieter – because of the Euros. I don’t think the Brexit has made any difference, but the European cup has definitely had an impact. Our footfall has dropped off dramatically. When we look back, we saw exactly the same thing during the World Cup two years ago."

But the decline in sales has given Gordon an idea.

"So what I’m going to do in time for the next World Cup, is get loads of bloody tellies in – and give away a free barbecue with them!" he added.

"Or, give away a box of Fosters to customers, so they can watch England go out in the first round."

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