Tech Data to offer TYLT wireless power chargers

Tech Data will now distribute the full range of wireless charging and portable power solutions from TYLT.

The distie says the new deal will give retailers more potential to add value to every sale of mobile devices.

TYLT’s range of accessories include wireless chargers, power cases and portable battery packs that offer convenient and stylish on-the-go charging to users.

One of its key offerings is the ENERGI Desktop Charging Station, which can be used to replenish power stores for five devices at once, with rapid-charging USB ports that work twice as fast as standard wall chargers.

TYLT’s recently-released VÜ 2.0 Wireless Charger and VÜ SOLO 2.0 offers ultra-fast charging times, while the company’s latest Turbo Portable Batteries and Turbo Smart Chargers provide on-the-go power for smartphones, tablets and laptops that support USB-C charging.

“TYLT offers something genuinely new to the market”, said Simon Hughes, Category Manager for Accessories at Tech Data. “The products are beautifully designed and a lot of fun as well. It’s a really fantastic range and one that gives retailers something different to sell alongside notebooks, tablets and mobile phones.

“We’re excited about adding TYLT to our portfolio. They give retailers a new angle of approach to accessory sales. They are the kind of products that can tip the scales for customers and turn a good sale into a great one for retailers.”

Darren Tobin, Business Development Manager EMEAI, TYLT, added: “TYLT sees good opportunities for sales growth in the UK and Tech Data is the ideal distribution partner for us. It has both the reputation and the market reach to help us achieve our ambitions.”

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