New Gear: Project Scorpio 4K console, AOC AGON Nvidia G-Sync edition, Razer Naga Nex V2 MOBA mouse

Here’s our roundup of the latest hardware, components, peripherals and products from the tech and IT channel announced this week.

Xbox One S and Project Scorpio
At this year’s E3 show, Microsoft unveiled a new version of its Xbox One console. The Xbox One S is slimmer, will support HDR gaming and will include 4K DVD and Blu-Ray playback. The firm also unveiled Project Scorpio, an enhanced version of the Xbox One that will be capable of running 4K-native games and will support virtual reality. It features six teraflops of power and is expected to launch sometime in the autumn.

AOC AGON Nvidia G-Sync edition
AOC has presented the Nvidia G-Sync edition of its AGON premium gaming monitor with a colourful IPS panel – the AGON AG271QG. With its native 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution the display delivers extremely fast images at 165 Hz without motion blur, screen tearing and display stutter, thanks to the built-in Nvidia G-Sync technology, which synchronises display refresh rates with those of the graphics card.

Razer Naga Nex V2 MOBA mouse
Razer has unveiled its latest gaming mouse, the Razer Naga Hex V2, at E3. Designed for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games, the Razer Naga Hex V2 buffs it to an OP level, with a 7 button mechanical thumb wheel optimised for MOBA gaming and pre-configured MOBA profiles for maximum in-game efficiency. The world’s most advanced mouse technology powers the Razer Naga Hex V2. A 5G, true 16,000 DPI laser sensor ensures that movements across any display setup register precisely, whether it is a multi-monitor battle station or a 4k screen. The mouse is available now with a price of $79.99/€99.99.

Buffalo TeraStation business NAS
Buffalo EU has announced the addition of a product within its TeraStation Windows Storage Server series, the WSH5610DNS2 (WSH). The 6-bay network attached storage solution (NAS) provides businesses with increased reliability, stability and faster performance. Buffalo’s proprietary hardware RAID runs the device’s operating system from its own separate solid state disk (SSD), which frees up the hard disk drive (HDD) entirely. Additionally, it enables the WSH to deliver continuous performance, unaffected by ‘heavy load’ operations, even during RAID re-building.

D-Link Apple HomeKit-supported Wi-Fi camera
D-Link is developing a new Wi-Fi camera that will support Apple HomeKit later this year and the new Home app in iOS 10. The new Wi-Fi camera was built for HomeKit’s camera category – one of two important new accessory types announced in the keynote speech at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event in San Francisco.

Hannspree HannsG 21.5-inch HT touch screen monitor
Hannspree is expanding its HannsG HT Touch Screen monitor series with the addition of a new tough, multifunctional model. The 21.5” HT225HPB, which boasts 10-point touch performance optimised for Windows 8 and 10, IPS display technology for super wide viewing angles and a triple input interface for versatile connectivity, also features a tough scratch resistant screen specially designed to withstand the rigors associated with touch activities.

Panasonic low-maintenance laser projectors
Aimed at exhibition, staging, signage, control room, education and meeting room applications, Panasonic’s new projectors are the PT-RZ970 series (three models up to 10,400 lm(Center), the PT-RZ770 series (two models up to 7,200 lm(Center), and the PT-RZ660 series (two models up to 6,200 lm(Center). The projectors have airtight and dust-resistant optical drives which eliminate the need for filters and lamp replacement, extending maintenance-free service life to up to 20,000 hours.

Be quiet! Pure Power 9 300 and 700 watts
Be quiet! has introduced the Pure Power 9 with fixed cables in 300 to 700 watts, offering a new option for quiet PC configurations as well as powerful multi-GPU systems. Models with cable management are on the market since March. Thanks to extensive development work, both the efficiency and the voltage stability are improved when compared to its predecessor while reducing noise to a minimum.

Star Micronics TSP143III LAN
Star Micronics has launched the TSP143III LAN, the latest addition to its TSP100 futurePRNT Series. Designed to work with today’s market leading operating systems including Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS and Windows, the TSP143III LAN offers an entry-level Ethernet printer with a LAN cable and ‘virtual’ Serial Port. Featuring a print speed of 250mm/second, a guillotine auto cutter (MCBF 2 million cuts) as well as thin paper capability, the printer provides benefits for the environment and reduced operating costs for the retailer.

Excellence Tech V-Comply
Excellence Tech has announced its new compliance, governance and risk management solution, V-Comply, has reached 1500 subscribers since its launch in January 2016. , V-Comply’s SaaS model streamlines directors’ compliance processes through a central management dashboard via their desktop or mobile. It allows SMEs, large corporates and non-profit organisations to assign responsibility for hundreds of recognised compliances to individuals and departments across their business.

Axis IP camera with i-CS lens tech
Axis Communications has introduced the industry’s first IP cameras featuring an i-CS lens – allowing greater information exchange between lens and camera. This latest technology is the result of a joint development between Axis Communications and the Japanese leading lens manufacturer Computar (CBC Group). The new intelligent i-CS lens directly exchanges information such as its geometrical distortion and the exact position of its zoom, focus and iris opening.

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