‘Britain isn’t skilled enough to leave the EU’

With the much discussed EU referendum fast approaching, many are still weighing up the pros and cons of a future as part of the European Union.

Christopher Evans, head of IT at JAM Recruitment, comments on the implications a potential Brexit could have on the IT jobs market.

The implications that would arise from the UK leaving the European Union are vast and wide ranging, with an impact expected to be seen across a whole host of areas – we’ve all heard of the changes that a break away will have on topics such as the economy and immigration, however a decision to leave could lead to the UK suffering from an even greater skills shortage.

Put simply, the UK doesn’t currently have the required levels of trained workers within the IT industry to leave the EU. With the market already suffering due to a lack of talent in the permanent market, this will only become more challenging should the UK vote to leave the EU, due to employee pools being restricted. As a result of this further amplified talent shortage, more companies will be looking at the contract market as a solution.

Whilst this might be a short-term fix in terms of getting staff in, it will inevitably increase costs, whilst reducing the retention of knowledge and intellectual property within companies.

Further to this, employers within the technology sector are already having to increase their efforts to retain experienced staff, something that would become even more of a struggle should the ‘Yes’ campaign prevail. Leaving the EU would further add to the pressure on employers, as demand for skilled professionals within the industry would grow even stronger, due to the draw of contracting becoming ever more lucrative.

Additionally, those looking to enter the market would also be in an even stronger position, holding all the cards when it comes to exploring job opportunities, meaning that even for entry level roles, firms will be required to shape even more attractive value propositions for potential staff.

Christopher Evans is head of IT at JAM Recruitment

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