GTX 1070: Gamers encouraged to go straight to Nvidia store as initial retail stock expected to sell out

Consumers are being encouraged to head straight to the Nvidia UK store to buy the new GTX 1070 as Scan, Overclockers and Ebuyer stocks are expected to sell out quickly.

Nvidia’s advice comes after many found it difficult to get a hold of the GTX 1080 from retail outlets after it went on sale, with the Nvidia UK store being one of the locations gamers could still put an order in for the new graphics card.

Nvidia has also detailed the suggested MSRP for both the 1070 Founders Edition and the 1070 Partner boards for all areas where the graphics cards are available in.

“Our partners have been putting together some incredible boards – pre-overclocked for maximum performance and with an exotic range of coolers to suit everything from your PC colour scheme to what exact dB you’d like your ears to hear. Please bear in mind that the vanilla stock boards from our partners will be available very soon,” said Nvidia.

Nvidia’s GTX 1080 sold out within minutes when the likes of Amazon, Newegg and Best Buy opened up pre-orders for the hotly anticipated graphics card last month.

On Amazon, EVGA’s first GTX 1080 model sold out in six minutes, whereas ZOTAC’s version sold out in 12 minutes.

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