Ann Widdecombe slams ‘trespassing’ Microsoft over ‘forced’ Windows 10 upgrades

As ‘updategate’ continues, former politician Ann Widdecombe has slammed Microsoft over its Windows 10 pop-ups.

In her recent column for the Express, Widdecombe detailed how Richard Madeley and another friend have both been ‘caught by the intrusiveness of Microsoft’s new Windows 10’.

She explained how a friend switched on her computer, then went to make a cup of tea, only to find upon her return that the upgrade ‘which she did not want or ask for’, was in full swing, rendering the PC unusable for the rest of the evening.

“The following day she still couldn’t use it because everything was different and she had no idea how to find things,” said Widdicombe, who also detailed how she has had to now alter her morning routine to thwart the ‘forced’ upgrade.

“Normally I switch the computer on as I pass the study on the way to pick up the papers and make coffee. I then enter my password on the way back to bed and thus all is ready to use when I am up and dressed. Not now,” she explained.

“I stand over the thing until assured the wretched pop-up has gone away. We should be able to sue for lost working hours, mental stress and trespass.

“Yes, trespass. What else would you call it if an unauthorised person entered your home and ransacked your files?

“Instead the giant reigns supreme and can do what it likes, up with which we have to put until a rival comes along with better ethics,” she concluded.

Free Windows 10 upgrades will be ending on July 29th, so Ann will only have to hunt down the annoying pop-ups until then.

The former politician is not the only one complaining about the upgrades. Our anonymous Counter Insurgent columnist recently revealed why they are not happy with the operating system and its attempts to get Windows 7 and 8 users to upgrade, saying some of their customers have been left horrified by Windows 10 ‘updategate’.

For those unsure as to whether they want to upgrade or not, Microsoft has put together a video detailing the top 10 reason why users should grab the new operating system while it’s free. Check it out below:

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