Scan Computers teases new branding at MCM London Comic Con

UK PC retailer Scan Computers showed off a redesigned logo and styling on its booth at MCM London Comic Con on the weekend.

It showed off a new Scan logo with a hexagonal ‘S’ suffix at the end. When asked if it was a permanent change, a company rep told PCR that Scan is still in the consultancy stage – it’s trialling the new logo and it will be a gradual rollout.

The idea is that the logo will change depending on the product category shoppers are looking at. For example, a Scan logo with an ‘A’ suffix at the end will be used for the audio product section.

Scan partnered with several vendors at the MCM London Comic Con who were also present on its stand – including HyperX, Samsung, NVIDIA and more. It had a presence at the consumer show for film, games and anime fans from Friday May 27th to Sunday May 29th.

Visitors were able to buy products and order systems from Scan over the weekend, including its 3XS systems and watercooled PCs. Scan also said that the new NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics card was "really popular" at the show.

The high-end £9,399 Barracuda system was also on show on Scan’s stand.

Scan also had an Overwatch stand next to its main booth, with systems set up allowing gamers to try out Blizzard’s new shooter game.

Elsewhere at MCM, DX Racer was showing off some gaming chairs, eSports organiser ESL had its own merchandise stall and game tournaments were also running, including an Overwatch tournament and the UK Hearthstone finals.

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