Synaxon Member Profile: Wardour Secure Networks

We chat to Wardour Secure Networks’ Simon Pell to find out the firm’s biggest growth areas and what issues it faces in today’s market.

What products and services does the company offer?

At Wardour Secure Networks Ltd we offer a range of IT services for our customers. Managed Services tailored to each customers specific needs. Fully monitored and managed security solutions from leading vendors, including managed Anti-Virus, Managed Wireless Solutions, monitored and managed network solutions and Wardour branded IP HD CCTV. Supply of all aspects of hardware and software from small but essential items such as cables and mice to full office installs from the ground upwards.

What’s been your biggest growth area recently?

Enterprise Class Wireless solutions are very popular with the SME customers, along with our tailored Wardour Managed Services solutions.

How important is social media to the business?

Until recently social media has not been very important to the growth of our business, but as more and more companies embrace the different social media platforms we are finding a need to increase our presence more.

What are the biggest issues you face with today’s market?

One of the biggest issues we are facing is the hype main stream media put on certain everyday occurrences relating to IT, such as malware and security, such as Ransomeware and more traditional security. While its great main stream media are getting onboard with the issues they are causing bursts of panic via the news and tabloids but missing the point on a lot of important things such as the layered security approach, regular backups, email filtering, web filtering and disaster recovery.

The other aspect of issues we face are companies who think a home based solution is adequate for their needs and then wonder why it doesn’t work correctly. Enterprise grade equipment and services can cost more, but the ROI is worth. Too many SME companies simply rely on the adage of ‘it will never happen to us!’ statement along with poor advice.

What do you have planned for 2016?

Our plans for 2016 are simple, to continue to provide a good service to our existing customer base. Our customers benefit from a dynamic and responsive approach to services as part our standard working practices. We have found it beneficial to work with other local like minded companies to provide a more complete solution and coverage.

What are the benefits of working with Synaxon?

As a new member of Synaxon we have already seen the cost benefits from using the EIGIS platform, having access to multiple distribution feeds has been helpful, giving us more scope for products and pricing. Having a responsive account manager who answers questions even after hours is a fantastic bonus for us also. We are looking at some of the other benefits such as i-trends and TrustATec. We are also looking forward to the up and coming Synaxon UK conference.

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