‘National chains can’t match indie expertise’

You asked us in a recent reader survey to better represent the voice of the independent PC dealer, and we listened.

PCR has historically focused on the indie retail sector, but in recent years, with the rise of cloud computing, managed services and online e-commerce, we’ve had to broaden our coverage to better represent the channel.

But that doesn’t mean the independent is any less important. On the contrary – the number of indie stores in the UK overall is actually on the up; they have embraced market changes, from B2B reselling to smartphone repairs and even the cloud, to better compete with larger multiples.

And as I’ve been saying for years, local store owners and staff have a level of knowledge, expertise and service that the big chains and etailers just can’t offer.

To celebrate all things indie, we’ve highlighted 20 of the most innovative and inspiring independently run PC and tech shops in the UK.

We asked you to nominate the most impressive independent businesses and partners, and while it was incredibly difficult to pick a select few, we’re confident those highlighted represent some of the UK’s best.

We wanted to highlight the unique, the wonderful and the innovative who are going the extra mile or doing things that you might not have thought of yourself. Hopefully their passion, dedication and creativity will give you some ideas to adopt or consider for your business.

Click here for our High Street Heros roundup of the top 20 UK indie stores.

Also in the latest issue of PCR, disties share their views of local PC shops and store owners reveal what they want from vendors and brands. Read the digital edition of our Indie Special here.

Last but not least, our latest PCR Boot Camp takes place on May 18th at the Emirates Stadium in London, boasting a mix of networking, products and services to stock in the expo, and arguably our best conference line-up yet, featuring a mix of keynote talks and new workshop masterclass sessions.

Here is our extensive roundup of everything you need need to know about this year’s Boot Camp.

Don’t forget to sign up for free at www.pcrbootcamp.com

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