Check out our top 20 indie retailers in the latest issue of PCR

PCR’s May ‘indie special’ has landed. Find out if your store made it into our High Street Heroes top 20 indie list.

This month, PCR explores the state of the independent retail sector and looks at some of the UK’s finest PC stores.

We also here from industry experts about why indie retailers are not to be ignored, and we analyse BullGuard’s indie survey to find out what kind of support indies expect from vendors and how brands can better engage with them.

Also in the May 2016 issue of PCR:
– The big interview: Dell
– PCR Boot Camp 2016 show preview
– Behind the scenes at ESL and Gfinity
– Tricks of the Trade: Selling audio products
– BullGuard’s indie survey
– The latest audio, smart home and computer memory products

Read the digital edition of PCR May 2016 here.

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