Brexit: 54% think EU exit will be good for UK tech channel

An exclusive PCR poll has revealed that a majority of UK IT and tech firms think Britain should exit the EU.

Despite companies such as Talent Point and ParcelHero recently pointing out the disadvantages for firms leaving the EU, it appears that 54 per cent of those that took our survey believe the UK will be better off leaving the EU, with only 38 per cent saying an EU exit, or ‘Brexit’, will be bad for tech firms.

Eight per cent of respondents said they didn’t know if an EU exit would be good for the IT/tech industry.

We also asked respondents to tell us why they think ‘Brexit’ will be good or bad for the tech channel. Many cited the benefits that they think will come with being free of the EU:

“We will have access to a larger international market, not just an inward EU trade agreement.”

“We will only have people who we actually elected ruling us.”

“More work with the USA.”

“It will open up markets with the rest of the world.”

“We can create our own trade incentives to encourage the worlds brightest minds to invest into the UK. We would not be shackled to toeing the line with the EU’s policies, which often run very contrary to our interests.”

“If we exit, the UK can then make trading arrangements with who it wants. The Commonwealth is a far bigger market than the EU and we could export more technology to emerging markets than mature ones.”

Many of the 38 per cent that believe an EU exit will be bad for the tech channel also gave their thoughts on the matter:

“Being out of the EU will drive prices up and reduce or competitive market presence. Even reflecting badly on our global reach.”

“It will not be as easy to do business with EU countries as now (if we left). Now we simply invoice and ship the goods, but after exiting the EU this will be more like the old days when you will have to do all the customs documentation first, making the system more laborious and costly.”

“It will dilute cross-boarder security work and shared learning/standards will weaken.”

“The EU helps lobby for British companies offering services to EU countries. Offering a fair right to work and operate within the EU countries.”

“No qualified approved accounts. Non-elected MEPs. No one to answer to. Corruption. Wasting money. Too many member states joining just to get hand-outs. Communist system does not work.”

“Cross boarder trade will suffer.”

“Of course it will be bad, trade deals will affect pricing and will make it harder for any of us to deal with EU based companies.”

Despite these contrasting comments, some weren’t sure if an exit would greatly impact their business, and others believed Brexit will make no difference to how UK IT and tech firms operate at all.

“It will change very little as distribution contracts are still given on a national basis so being in the EU provides minimal benefit as you cannot export most lines due to the vendor not allowing you to.”

“I can see both sides, some aspects will work better for the industry and some will be worse. I think it will be tough to start with, however in the long run it will probably be a good thing to leave the EU.”

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