‘Opportunities increase when you help others win’ – Dell on its new IoT partner program

Dell has launched a new partner program for the advancement of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and solutions.

The Dell IoT Solutions program is designed to build an ecosystem of partners to help customers ‘navigate the fragmented IoT landscape and identify the right technologies to develop their IoT solutions’.

The program will combine a global, multi-tiered (Executive, Associate, Registered) network of experienced Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with Dell’s broad portfolio of IoT assets, including purpose-built, intelligent gateways and embedded PCs, security and manageability tools, data center and cloud infrastructure, and data integration and analytics software like Boomi and Statistica.

These assets will help organisations develop, deploy and maintain leading edge IoT solutions.

“Dell believes that opportunities increase when you help others win,” said Andy Rhodes, executive director, Commercial IoT Solutions at Dell.

“We are passionate about collaborating with this strong group of companies and believe ISVs are critical in building the bridge between the exciting industry potential of IoT and profitable market reality.”

Dell works with Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT) organisations to create a unifying IoT strategy for bridging their differing business approaches.

The IoT Partner Program will include companies across a wide range of industries that further strengthen Dell’s expertise in areas such as industrial and building automation and transportation. It launches with more than 25 partners including GE, SAP, Software AG, Microsoft, OSIsoft and others, many of which are utilising the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Seriesto power their own IoT solutions.

The Dell Edge gateway runs on Windows 10 and is Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT.

Creating use case blueprints is one of the many ways Dell is working with partners to help customers speed up their IoT projects and make sense of the vast ISV landscape. Dell, Kepware, and Software AG are collaborating to develop IoT enabled predictive maintenance models utilising distributed analytics to address the industry’s biggest operational challenges, such as unplanned downtime, overall equipment effectiveness, maintenance cost and return on assets.

With Microsoft and Blue Pillar, Dell is delivering Automated Demand Response solutions, which help utilities maintain grid reliability and enable customers to realise significant value through dispatch of onsite power generation or reduction in consumption. 

Dell and SAP are also collaborating on models designed to help address challenges such as business continuity, overall equipment effectiveness, maintenance cost and return on assets.

Additional partners adding value through their specialised areas of expertise include Azeti, Blue Pillar, Datawatch, Eigen Innovations, Flowthings, Flutura, GE, Kepware, Lynx Software, Microsoft Azure, OSIsoft, Relayr, SAP, Software AG, and Thingworx.

Find out more about Dell’s IoT Solutions partner program at delliotpartners.com

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