McDonald’s to install Samsung Galaxy tablets in UK restaurants so customers can play games while they eat

Fast food chain McDonald’s is installing Samsung Galaxy tablets the majority of its UK restaurants.

The rollout is part of the restaurant’s ambition to provide the ‘Experience of the Future’ for its customers.

SOTI will supply the software for the tablets, which will let customers to play games, use social media and browse the web while they eat.

“The tablets form an important part of our new customer experience initiative, which is part of our overall ‘Experience of the Future’ programme. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and trying to provide new and innovative experiences,” said Doug Baker, head of IT restaurant solutions and service at McDonald’s UK.

“Technology has an important role to play in all walks of life, including our customers’ eating out experience, so the changes we’re making as part of the ‘Experience of the Future’ programme bring us closer to the way people live their lives today. We pride ourselves on listening to customers and providing an outstanding experience; innovations such as tablets help provide this experience and have been extremely popular with customers.”

Nassar Hussain, managing director Europe and South Africa at SOTI, added: “This initiative highlights the increasing trend toward retailers like McDonald’s utilising modern technologies to provide differentiated, personalised customer experiences.

“Our partnership with McDonald’s in the UK showcases an innovative, trend-setting approach to engaging customers through connected devices. There is growing praise from customers as the project continues to be rolled out across the country, and we are proud of this global first for McDonald’s and SOTI.”

The McDonald’s ‘Experience of the Future’ programme represents the biggest investment and operational change in it’s the firm’s 41-year history in the UK.

McDonald’s says the changes ‘embrace intuitive digital technology, introduce contemporary interior designs, and enable a more enjoyable and personalised experience for every customer’.

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