HTC Vive pre-orders may arrive after launch date due to auto-cancellations

The HTC Vive headset officially launches tomorrow (April 5th), but due to anti-fraud measures, some banks have automatically cancelled consumer pre-orders.

This means that some consumers that pre ordered the virtual reality headset over a month ago won’t get the device on launch day.

Over the weekend, a number of users reported receiving emails notifying them that their order has been cancelled. It’s reported that those who received the notification have missed out on the first wave of units.

According to redditor Dr_Mibbles, those unlucky pre-orderers can contact HTC and reserve a spot in the second wave of shipments, meaning they’ll get the headset around five days later than expected.

HTC has responded to the news with the following statement:

“While fulfilling this week’s orders for HTC Vive, a limited number of individuals were affected by auto cancellations due to processing issues with financial institutions.

“We’re actively working to resolve this, and have already reinstated orders for some customers. We want to assure our customers that we’ll work with them to process their payment so they can receive their Vive when they were expecting it.

“If you pre-ordered a Vive, we encourage you to contact your financial institution to notify them of upcoming charges.”

Despite the statement implying that there is a simple solution, a quick look through this reddit thread seems to suggest it’s a little more complicated, with some saying they’ve had to go through many processes to secure their payment.

One reads:

“Coming up to 4 days since I originally contacted HTC by email – to which I got a reply they would contact me soon. Not sure about others but 4 days doesn’t seem like soon to me.

“In frustration/anticipation I tried the live chat in the weekend and was told it’s been escalated and they will be in touch within 24-48 hours. 24 hours have passed. Call me cynical but I’m not holding my breath on getting a call tomorrow. At present I’m clinging to the hope that things will come right.”

Another states:

"Just got off the phone with support again here is my history:-card charge declined Wed March 30th at 4:00 pm (canada EST)–I called bank ensured charge would go through again–then called HTC who took my order number and said they would call me back in 48 hours–email cancellation received Friday April 1st at 4:00 am (36 hours later EST)–I phoned their support this morning April 2nd at 9:00 am (EST): they took all my info again and said they would call me back in the next few days (same message).

Still waiting in Limbo here. I would actually prefer to pre-order again if that is what needs to be done. I wonder once the media embargo lifts, with all the good reviews, the pre-orders will continue past May… it’s frustrating to be in this situation.”

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