Why the channel needs to be mindful of what the next big (or small) thing in tech will be

With computers getting smaller with each passing year, the industry should be mindful of what may be on the horizon.

First it was notebooks, then smartphones, tablets soon followed and now wearables are becoming the norm. But what’s next?

At the Intel Extreme Masters eSports event in March, PCR interviewed Frank Soqui, the firm’s enthusiast desktop group general manager, about growth in high-end PC hardware sales, eSports and VR (see the latest PCR issue for the full interview).

He mentioned the strong potential of haptics – using motion or touch to control devices. For example, you can attach wearables to yourself during a VR experience to imitate feeling a virtual object. It got me thinking. With the likes of Kinect and Intel’s RealSense hand and face-tracking technology, what’s next in that area in terms of computing – and specifically, mobile computing?

Will tech like RealSense become the norm? Will the mouse and keyboard become redundant in the future? And what does this mean for the future of mobile devices?

The channel should be mindful of what the next big (or small) thing may be, and act accordingly. Tablets completely rewrote the rulebook for several years and forced vendors and retailers to rethink their strategies. Sales of tablets aren’t as strong today, with notebooks and 2-in-1s instead performing better, but one day it’s likely the market will move on to something else.

So, as part of PCR’s mobile computing special, we asked the experts for their thoughts on the future of these devices, explored the murky world of mobile security and collate the best mobile products.

Elsewhere in the latest issue, we asked Synaxon about its TrustATec network partnering with TrustPilot and look at our revised PCR Boot Camp.

Of course, don’t forget to check out all the winners from this year’s PCR Awards. I’d like to congratulate all of the winners and finalists – you’re a credit to the trade.

Read all this and more in the April issue of PCR here.

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