Entatech launches PC Retour – a range of Microsoft-certified refurbished PCs, laptops and tablets

Entatech UK has launched its own range of refurbished desktops, laptops and tablets, in conjunction with Microsoft.

The new brand is called PC Retour and will provide the distributor’s reseller base with premium, refurbished PC hardware and devices, from some of the industry’s leading brands including Lenovo, Dell, Apple and Toshiba.

There will be more models and brands available each week and all PC Retour units are put through rigorous testing and grading processes, followed by aesthetic enhancements where required.

Furthermore, all PC Retour hardware is authorised by Microsoft and boosted with the latest version of Microsoft OS.

The refurbished hardware market is one of the biggest growing areas in IT currently, believes the distie.

Dave Stevinson, Entatech’s managing director, commented: “Entatech has an exceptionally strong presence in the Microsoft Refurbisher space through our Windows footprint. There exists a sizable and addressable end-user market for high quality refurbished devices.

“We are pleased to announce that shortly we will be launching the ‘PC Retour – Certified Refurbished’ brand through our network of partners. Critical to the success of the brand is a clear warranty, like-new appearance, robust quality control, new packing and accessories coupled with genuine copies of Windows.”

Resellers will be equipped to offer their customers a cost effective solution to their own customer base, which will maximise IT budgets for users, whilst providing margin rich opportunities for resellers. For added piece of mind, all refurbished hardware and devices come with a full 12-month end-user warranty, directly supported by the refurbisher.

Stock is in limited supply and Entatech has already had success with this range since its soft launch on the latest version of their e-commerce website. For further information on lines available, visit Entaonline.com, or call PC Retour’s product manager Craig Wright on 0333 101 9700.

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