Tell us who your top UK indie tech retailers are!

We all know that independent High Street and online stores are the beating heart of the tech retail channel in the UK.

At PCR we’ve decided to celebrate this fact by shining the spotlight on the country’s best independent dealers in our May issue Indie Special.

And we need your help!

We want you to tell us which indies deserve special recognition by emailing PCR with the name of the store/chain you’d like to see included and a few details on what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Criteria includes staff, customer service, product range, knowledge, marketing and in-store displays – it’s entirely up to you what you shout about

The retailer must be independently owned and run, with a small headcount and number of stores. This feature is designed to promote small and medium-sized indies rather than bigger national businesses.

You can of course submit your own store for inclusion if you like!

The deadline for submissions is Thursday, March 24th.

We’ll then profile the most popular submissions in the May issue of PCR.

Email us about your store or retail operation here

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