8 cool tech products from DISTREE EMEA 2016

PCR went along to the annual DISTREE EMEA conference and expo to check out some of the latest industry insights and consumer electronics.

There was a big focus on PC gaming this year, as well as lots of smaller IoT products and gadgets such as drones, fitness trackers and audio equipment.

Here are some of the coolest things we saw at DISTREE EMEA 2016:

Tangram Smart Rope
Tangram’s Smart Rope takes fitness trackers to a whole new level. The rope itself is LED-embedded, so as you skip, a digital display of your fitness data is projected mid-air in front of you with every jump. 23 LEDs are fitted along the rope to product the ‘screen’, which consists of four characters counting your number of jumps. Future updates promise calories burned, interval training data and more.

Razer Wildcat Xbox controller
PCR got hands-on with Razer’s new Xbox controller at the show. The firm says the Wildcat is a pro-gamer-validated, tournament-grade, console controller. It’s got four multi-function buttons added the usual Xbox set up, and it can also be used with PCs. It’s 25 per cent lighter than other tournament-grade controllers, and we were surprised just how noticeable that when you pick it up. It was designed with the feedback of eSports athletes and costs €179.99.

Manta Power Audio
This Polish electronics company has lots on show, but its new audio devices are what really caught attendees’ eyes. The firm’s stand showcased a huge Power Audio hi-fi/karaoke system that was pretty damn hard to miss. The device wirelessly connects smartphones, tablets, PCs or any other portable devices via an embedded Bluetooth module. It can also read music directly from an SD cards or USB stick.

GoClever HD FPV drone
GoClever has a lot of stuff on its stands, from smartwatches and smartphones to laptops and hoverboards. Its HD FPV caught out eye the most though, as the firm claims it is the first drone with an HD video camera. The HD FPV can move at the speeds of 30 km/h, and an additional battery attachment with the capacity of 730 mAh enables it to fly for 30 minutes.

Hercules WAE OUTDOOR RUSH speakers
Along with its range of Deejay portable DJ set range, Hercules was showing off the WAE OUTDOOR RUSH speakers which won the CES 2016 Innovation Award in January. It’s designed to be used by suffers and other outdoor sports types. It is completely dust-resistant and is protected from immersion up to one metre in depth, is resistant to seawater corrosion, and features a built-in FM radio. The speaker is buoyant and able to charge a smartphone.

Keep Out gaming range
Approx’s new ‘Keep Out’ PC gaming range includes headsets, keyboards and mice. The firm also unveiled that it would be launching its very own gaming tablet in Q3 2016. It’s also planning on developing a gaming smartphone in the near future.

DOD dashcams
DOD has an impressive array of dashcams on show, ranging from ‘everyday driving’, ‘high performance driving’ and ‘fleet driving’. "Regardless what you’re behind the wheel of DOD dashcams have been designed with every driver in mind," says the firm.

Thrustmaster racing wheels
A technology expo wouldn’t be the same without a gaming rig set up somewhere. Thrustmaster had just that, so attendees could check out the latest racing wheels the firm had to offer, including the Ferrari 458 Spider, the T150, and the Xbox TX wheel.

Check out all our photos from the show over at the PCR DISTREE EMEA 2016 Facebook gallery.

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