Network Group launches managed services offerings for retailers

Network Group has unveiled its new Managed Services Retailer (MSR) strategy, aimed at giving its members the tools to offer subscription-based services to their customers.

At the organisation’s recent Network Group Vision Event, group retail director Craig Hume unveiled the group’s MSR strategy to the retailers: “Over the last two years most of the Network Group retailer’s have been following the lead of some of our innovative retailers by selling Total Care services.

The service varies slightly from member to member, but basically it is a consumer pay monthly (or annually) subscription based service that gives the customer some or all of following benefits; Managed AV Internet Security protection, Managed Data Backup, Managed Service Patching and Windows Updates for your PC, Remote Access for Engineer Technical Support, Discounts on Workshop Labour, Discounts on Repairs & Upgrades,” said Hume.

“We think there is a real opportunity for members to expand on these services and, like MSPs, evolve their business to the next level and turn footfall into fans by offering more subscription based services that will in turn give the customer a better experience.”

Managing director Phylip Morgan added: “Our theme for the group this year is ‘Velocity’ and our MSR strategy is sure to take our retailers into territory that will help them build stronger relationships with their customers.”

Morgan explained that the plan is to help and train the retailers to engage with customers in other areas in addition to in-store.

The group has provided a CRM system for the retailers to manage customers and the MSR services that will be marketed under the “Total Care” brand name and priced (dependant on market and geographical area) along the following price points:
– Total Care Standard Edition £99.00 per year or £9.99 per month
– Total Care 2 User Edition £149.00 per year or £14.99 per month.
– Total Care Family Edition (Up to 5 devices) £199.00 per year or £19.99 per month
– Total Care Smart Home Edition (Every device in a Smart House) £299.00 per year or £29.99 per month.
– Total Care Smart Home Plus (includes Managed Firewall/Router) £399.00 per year or £39.99 per month.

All the services are provided as a package to the retailers including, CRM, Antivirus Protection, Internet Security, Backup, Remote Management and other services from group vendors including online webinars and training events.

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