Error 53 software fix released by Apple

Apple has finally released a software fix for the iPhone-bricking Error 53 issue that’s been making headlines over the past two weeks.

The software error occurs when an iPhone 6 home button is replaced by a third-party repairer if the phone is updated to iOS 9, resulting in a bricked device.

Apple claimed that this would happen if any repairer replaced the button, which in tern caused panic amongst iPhone users.

One repairer, iCorrect, spoke out against Apple’s claims, saying it had caused Error 53 to be ‘blown out of all proportion’.

iCorrect has now updated PCR on what it calls Apple’s Error 53 ‘U-turn’.

“The error was experienced by iPhone owners that had completed a software update after having a damaged Touch ID (home button) replaced by a third party repairer. This error followed a software update, rendering expensive smartphone useless with irrecoverable data.

“Apple originally confirmed this was a security measure to protect their consumers. However, It has performed a U-turn, releasing an official apology and a software update to correct the error,” said the firm.

iCorrect’s managing director, Ricky Panesar, provided some insight into the independent repair market. “We originally took the decision not to offer a home button replacement to the iPhone 6, after hearing of the error 53 issue in 2015. We would always direct a client back to the Apple store, should we diagnose a Touch ID issue with an iPhone 6,” he said.

“When the news broke about this Error 53 issue two weeks ago, it caused misunderstanding amongst iPhone owners who thought they would experience an error 53 issue as a result of 3rd party screen repairs which was false.

“iCorrect’s proprietary methods of precision repair carry no risk of breakage to a Touch ID button through the repair of an iPhone 6 screen. We understand the stance taken by Apple regarding security but disagree with the concept of error 53 after updates.”

He continued: “There was confusion in the repair market early on as the replacement of a Touch ID (home button) on an iPhone 5S did not result in the same error. We believed Apple always had the ability not to ‘brick’ an iPhone, as they don’t with the iPhone 5S which can successfully have its Touch ID replaced by a third party. But we are happy that they have taken the necessary measures to rectify the problem.

Panesar concluded: “It is fantastic news that Apple has apologised for their mistake around the Error 53 issue, and has now made an update available for those suffering from this issue. Also any customers that have had to buy a replacement iPhone through the Apple store will be reimbursed for their costs.

“We would advise Apple customers to update their iPhones to the latest update, this resolve the error 53 issue. Those out of pocket should contact Apple directly for reimbursement. Since the news regarding the correct update from Apple, iCorrect has announced it will complete home button repairs for the iPhone 6.”

iPhone 6 Gold image via Shutterstock

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