Intel’s 5G plans, ‘revolutionary’ Android security, LG’s G5 expandable smartphone: 10 things to see at MWC 2016

This year’s Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona on Monday, February 22nd. We take a look at some of the must-see mobile tech, innovations and products on show at the event.

LG G5 smartphone
LG is launching its new flagship smartphone at the show. The G5 is expected to have an all-metal case with updates to its cameras, display and bio sensor capabilities. It will also have something called a ‘magic slot’, which will allow users to swap out various modules to expand functionality of the phone.

Intel’s 5G network plans
Intel will be hosting a press conference at the show, where Aicha Evans, corporate vice president and general manager of the Intel Communications and Devices Group, will talks about new partnerships and technologies that are paving the way to 5G wireless networks.

Motorola VerveLife
Motorola will be launching its VerveLife connected products range at MWC. Targeted at those that ‘aspire to live an active, social lifestyle, and keep connected like never before’, the firm says the VerveLife range is the first to offer a dynamic family of smart connected products for today’s active consumer – rather than the single-product approach of most brands. The range includes the VerveOne wireless earphones, VerveCam portable HD video camera, VerveRider Bluetooth earbuds, VerveLoop in-ear headphones, and the VerveRetrieve waterproof GPS tracker.

The GREAT British Pavilion
The GREAT Britain Pavilion at Mobile World Congress will be thriving with innovation this year with more than 50 UK companies exhibiting at the event across 1000 square metres of space. It will accommodate a number of leading innovators from the UK, demonstrating Britain’s strong track record within the mobile sector. UK companies will present ground breaking innovation across several areas including apps, hardware, Internet of Things and location based services.

Lenovo smartphone with advanced audio
Lenovo has teased a new device, which the firm says has been engineered from scratch to ‘deliver a knockout punch’. The Phone is expected to have two speakers at the bottom of the back panel.

MyKronoz smartwatches
Swiss wearable accessories brand, MyKronoz, is gearing up to introduce its full line of connected wearables (activity trackers, smartwatches, analog smartwatches and watch phones) for different tastes and budgets. New highlights include cicular watch ZeRound, shock-resistent GPS watch ZeSport, and ZeKid, a watch phone designed exclusively for parents and children.

Crunchfish’s touchless hub
Crunchfish will attend Mobile World Congress to demonstrate how gestures can bring the connected home to life and how the Smart TV can be used as a Touchless hub to control the home and connected devices with gestures.

Intercede’s ‘revolutionary’ Android security platform
Intercede is partnering with Solacia to unveil a new approach to leveraging hardware security on Android smartphones at this year’s show. The solution aims to allow Android applications to execute secure transactions in a hardware protected zone.

TP-Link Pharos series
TP-Link will be showcasing its new Pharos series of high performance enterprise-class outdoor wireless solutions. The range is designed for WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider), wireless surveillance and outdoor Wi-Fi coverage solutions.

Software-defined networking
Gartner’s research director Martina Kurth believes software-defined networking (SDN) will be a hot discussion topic at this year’s MWC, along with network function virtualisation (NFV).

“NFV virtualises network functions into building blocks that can be connected to create communication services. SDN is a new architectural principle that separates the control and data planes to increase operational efficiency. This means applications are not tied to specific hardware or infrastructure, and instead can use more or less network resources as required, and share resources with other applications,” explained Kurth.

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