Why retailers are slashing the price of the Apple Watch

A number of US retailers are reducing the price of the Apple Watch ahead of a press event scheduled for next month by the tech firm, despite analysts saying a new smartwatch is unlikely.

Best Buy and Target have cut $100 off the price of the Apple Watch, which some are saying indicates a new model on the way.

Despite this, analysts are saying the unveiling of the Apple Watch 2 is unlikely at this time due to sales of the first iteration being so low.

Sales of the Apple Watch fell by 90 per cent since the initial surge in April 2015, with Apple selling less than 20,000 a day in the US since its opening week.

Apple itself is not offering any discounts on the smartwatch and the $100 discount is only available with third party retailers.

So why are the retailer discounts getting gadget enthusiasts excited despite Apple not following suit and analysts not seeing it as much of a big deal?

Well, it could be because they’re reminiscing back to last year, when the prices of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were lowered before the launch of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus smartphones.

Apple will be holding a press event on March 15th where some think we could see a new Apple Watch. However there has been more focus on the unveiling of the firm’s smaller iPhone, the 5se.

It is expected to feature an external case similar to the iPhone 5s but with the faster processor and new camera found in the iPhone 6 and 6s. It will have a 4-inch screen and also include the firm’s newer tech like Apple Pay.

It is also expected that Apple will be showcasing a new iPad. The rumoured iPad Air 3 will come with a similar audio set up to the iPad Pro, meaning it will have four speakers rather than the iPad Air 2’s two speaker set up.

It appears that it will be the same size as previous models, with a 9.7-inch screen.

PCR will be covering the Apple announcement on March 15th, so be sure to check back to find out the latest news.

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