Apple iPhone 6 Error 53 ‘blown out of proportion’ says indie repairer

After numerous reports claiming any iPhone 6 home button replaced by a third part repairer will result in an handset-locking Error 53 once updated to iOS 9, one indie is hitting back.

Apple repairer iCorrect has spoken out, saying Error 53 has been “blown out of all proportion’ by the mainstream media.

Reports suggest that anyone with an iPhone 6 wishing to update their operating system to iOS 9 will be faced with a locked phone if they’ve had the home button changed by any indie. But iCorrect has said that this is misleading, insisting that it’s own procedures ensure no Error 53 occurs.

“Any iPhone 6 screens changed by iCorrect will not result in Error 53, this is because we do not change your iPhone’s home button. We have had reports from customers that other third party repairers break or damage the home button when fixing phones and therefore have to replace it,” commented the firm’s managing director, Ricky Panesar.

“iCorrect on the other hand has developed a proprietary method of removing the home button whilst ensuring your iPhone won’t break down in future.”

Panesar has also pointed a finger at Apple itself, saying that iCorrect will challenged the firm on its position in the matter, claiming that the firm is looking to ‘secure a monopoly on the repair market’.

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