Asus, TP-Link and D-Link on how the networking market has evolved

As well as our rundown of the most important events in computer networking history, PCR caught up with three industry experts to delve deeper into how the industry has changed over the years.

Here’s what TP-Link, D-Link and Asus had to say:

Nelson Qiao, TP-LINK UK country manager

“Wireless, the cloud and web services like Netflix and Skype have transformed home entertainment, communication and the way we work. This has in turn changed consumer expectations.

“Whether you are at work or at home a high speed, reliable and secure network is essential. As a result, consumers are embracing networking, whether it is a range extender to make sure they have wall-to-wall wireless – or people embracing the additional features that come with a premium router.”

Paul Routledge, D-Link UK&I country manager

“Despite being in the early adopter phase, smart home technology has been embraced by a number of major global players due to the significant anticipated growth, with the capabilities of this technology currently only scratching the surface.

“In the channel, we’re seeing technology finding increasing shelf space in, for example, grocers and DIY stores, as well as traditional transactional resellers transforming into managed service providers, both of which present greater opportunity to share combined knowledge and best practice to the benefit of our customer.”

Steven Tseng, ASUS territory product manager for networking & wireless devices

“For home networking, wireless has gradually replaced wired connections over years due to the popularity of mobile devices. Wireless coverage and speed have become important topics for end users. “Not only have routers changed from wired routers to wireless routers, but also repeaters and powerline devices that can enhance the signal coverage have become mainstream products. Wireless speed has increased significantly from 54 Mbps in 2004 to more than 2Gbps in 2015.”

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