Synaxon member profile: Comp-Net

Reseller Comp-Net tells PCR about its success with Office 365 and what the business has planned for 2016.

What products and services does your company offer?
Our customer base has organically developed into the SMB market space, most of which are under 50 users. We have to offer a complete range of services as we’re often seen as ‘the IT people’ and have to know a little about a lot.

What’s been your biggest growth area recently?
Very simple, Office 365. We only have one or two customers that aren’t at least considering the benefits of this. We also started building our own PC systems and whilst the margins are tight we are seeing more return as a result.

How important is social media to the business?
We’re still not entirely sure. Is everyone doing it because everyone’s doing it? From a personal point of view, the jury is still out. Although we’re becoming more involved with social media we’ve never had a new contract that came about because of a social media campaign.

What are the biggest issues you face with today’s market?
Because we deal with smaller customers, and as a result have smaller orders, getting distributors to pay attention and offer reasonable pricing can be difficult, with bigger etailers often being more cost effective.

What do you have planned for 2016?
Building up more recurring revenue streams with more subscription based offerings, Office 365, Acronis cloud backup etc. Also, from our manufacturing clients we’re starting to see more interest in rapid prototyping through compact CNC machines, 3D printing and IoT components (Arduino, Raspberry Pi and so on). We also have a few pieces of IP that we’ve been working on with our customers that should be ready to be rolled out by Q3.

What are the benefits of working with Synaxon?
EGIS is definitely helping us to find ways of saving money. We can easily see where the best pricing is but the basket consolidator working out the best combination of orders really helps by only taking a few seconds rather than me spending half an hour working out the same! The TrustATec platform is really starting to move now as well and hopefully this will be a new source of customers in the coming months.


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