How VoIP will transform businesses in 2016

Cahit Akin, CEO of Mushroom Networks, reveals how important VoIP will be to businesses over the coming year.

IoT (Internet of Things) will call you. Yes, you read it correctly. You might think what does IoT has to do with VOIP. However, one needs to simply consider the trends in automation of “things” that are connected to the Internet and the trends towards voice based controls with some of the same IoT. That means a lot of Voice over IP packets from the projected 26 billion things making calls to our phones to alert us, interact with us and to be controlled by us.

Softphones will continue to rise
As VoLTE starts to penetrate our cell phones, you can expect the penetration of VoIP getting all the way into our smartphones in the form of a softphone application initially and then a natural and seamless extension of your office phone. The lines between your cell phone and dedicated office phone will blur, including seamless call handoffs between the two.

You heard This-as-a-Service, That-as-a-Service and Phone-as-a-Service is next. Similar to other as-a-service delivery methods, this approach of delivering voice services will allow enterprise branch offices to be lit up quickly on-demand and pain free. No need to install, manage and incur upfront costs for dedicated phone systems and PBXs. Thanks to now maturing Cloud based hosted PBX solutions, enterprises are enjoying more and more, the flexibility and cost savings of cloud based PBX offerings.

VoIP will be integrated into more services and tools
IP is the common language that is enabling the integration of various otherwise different communication tools together. We will see more of these services being glued together with creative software approaches. Think of your VOIP system, Video Conferencing, CRM, custom in-house tools and various other services neatly combined to create seamless and efficient platforms for enterprise employees.

VoIP’s quality and reliability concerns will be quashed
The value appeal of VoIP will beat the quality and reliability concerns that have been holding VoIP’s full adaption in the enterprise. Finally, the networking industry is catching up with innovative solutions that provide the reliability and Quality-of-Service that the enterprise VoIP applications demand. Technologies such as Broadband Bonding, MPLS, VoLTE and many others will continue to push VoIP quality levels higher.

Dr. Cahit Jay Akin is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Mushroom Networks.

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