Network Group urges indies to back Fair Tax Town initiative

Network Group is urging independent IT companies in the UK to join its members and support the Fair Tax Town initiative.

The call for action comes on the eve of the transmission of the BBC2 programme “The Town That took on the Taxman”.

The small businesses of the Welsh town of Crickhowell in the Brecon Beacons are embarking on a mission to copy the techniques used by their multinational rivals, and to set up a DIY tax avoidance scheme in the style of big tech companies.

“For some of the UK’s biggest tech companies like Apple, Facebook and Google, paying corporation tax seems to be optional. They use incredibly complicated, yet completely legal accounting techniques that can run rings around the HMRC Taxation System,” commented Network Group.

The programme airs on BBC2 at 9PM on Wednesday 20th January.

With revenues for Network Group fast approaching £400m, MD Phylip Morgan said: “It cannot be right that the 58 companies in Network Group pay more than the £4,327 Corporation Tax paid by Facebook in 2014.

“Our members find it so frustrating that these schemes are perfectly legal yet the treasury seems to be making little effort to close the loopholes.”

Retail director Craig Hume, whose firm, Utopia, became one of the first tech companies in Scotland to pay the Living Wage, added: “Most UK business owners like me understand that we have an obligation to society in the way we conduct ourselves in business.

“We provide jobs, services and finance to the local economy and should rightly pay our taxes, VAT and PAYE. We need a fair system where every company trading in the UK makes a contribution for the profits they make here.”

You can sign the Fair Tax Town pledge at

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