The ultimate guide to creating a killer partner programme

What currently works well in partner programmes and how could they be better?

If you’re wondering how you can improve your current partner programme, or thinking about creating one from scratch, it’s always good to look at what others are doing successfully, as well as what you think could be improved upon.

The recent Leaders Forum event from the IT Marketing Agency was all about the subject of partner programmes. After a day of keen discussions from vendors, distributors and resellers about what goes into creating a ‘killer partner programme’, the firm put together a handy guide detailing to typical problems with these programmes, and how they could be improved.

Here are 8 top tips from the guide:

1. Split incentives into tiers – don’t make it all just about revenue. Make incentives different for disties and resellers.

2. Incentivise individuals at resellers to get grass roots buy-in.

3. Provide marketing materials that resellers can easily adapt.

4. Take the time to explain new products, roadmap and upcoming changes and promotions.

5. Create some friendly competition through a leaderboard across regions of similar level resellers.

6. Understand that as a reseller, if I commit to a vendor, it’s not for a quarter. I have to understand the product, train my team and trust that vendor – it’s a three-year relationship at least. I need support throughout that period, not just for one quarter.

7. Treat them consistently.

8. Continue programmes and support.

For more tips on how partner programmes could be improved upon, and get some inspiration on new ideas to try out, download the IT Marketing Agency’s ‘Creating a killer partner program’ report for free here.

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