New product roundup: ASRock SKY OC, Moto 360 Sport, Bosch haptic touchscreen

Here’s our roundup of all the latest devices, peripherals, software and components announced this week.

Intel Skylake K series CPUs are on every hardcore overclocker’s wish list right now. However, there seems to be a shortage of these ultra high performing processors lately. So ASRock has prepared a Christmas present for the overclocking community named SKY OC, an alternative for users to overclock any Intel Skylake i7/i5/i3 or even Pentium non K CPUs on their ASRock Z170 motherboard.

Moto 360 Sport
Motorola’s new Moto 360 Sport smartwatch includes GPS and is now available in the UK for £219 and will arrive in the US on 7th January.

Bosch haptic touchscreen
At CES 2016 Bosch will premier its new haptic touchscreen. The screen uses feedback to generate the sensation of real buttons by way of haptic feedback. The screen generates the feel of rough, smooth, and patterned surfaces to indicate different buttons and functions. The touchscreen looks no different from an ordinary display – and yet it gives users the impression that they are pressing real buttons.

Dell Latitude 5000 Series Notebook
Dell’s newly refreshed Latitude 5000 Series is a business-class notebook loaded with the new 6th generation Intel Quad Core processor. It is available in both 14-inch (E5470) and 15-inch (E5570) form factors, and is up to 27 per cent thinner and up to 18 per cent lighter than the previous generation. The Latitude 5000 Series is available to buy now on, starting from £549.

Mad Catz E.S.PRO 1
Mad Catz’s mew E.S.PRO 1 is specially designed for eSports gamers. The E.S.PRO 1 differs from traditional earbuds, using enlarged 13.5mm speakers to deliver a powerful audio experience with increased bass response and crystal clear highs, revealing every detail of the gaming environment. Fully equipped for competitive play, the E.S.PRO 1 features a removable, omni-directional boom microphone. When not gaming, users can also access the E.S.PRO 1 in-line microphone, complete with automatic noise and echo suppression.

Panasonic high brightness laser projector
Panasonic’s new compact laser projector will provide rental and staging companies with a maintenance free alternative for permanent installations and live events. Hartmut Kulessa, European projector marketing manager at Panasonic, said: “Industry grade robots in the context of events and entertainment can help engineer people’s emotions. Bringing together technologies from different worlds, can create a massive impression, by adding movement as a new dimension to the visual experience. When you throw Panasonic picture quality and 4K resolution in to the mix, we are able to provide more depth and a more immersive viewing experience than ever before. It promises to be the star of the show.”

TrackR device locator
TrackR not only lets you find your devices using your phone, it lets you find your phone using your devices. When you’re about to leave home with your keys in your hand, and you suddenly realise you’re missing your phone, press a button on your TrackR and your phone will give out a loud ring, even if it’s on silent mode.

Trust Type-C USB assortment
Trust has introduced a diverse range of products compatible with Type-C. It new Type-C assortment includes a USB Type-C to VGA and a USB Type-C to HDMI adapter, a USB Type-C Card, a compact USB Type-C Retractable Mini Mouse, and a USB Type-C to USB3.1 Converter.

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