Top 4 marketing tips for independent PC retailers

The IT Marketing Agency’s Gemma Telford offers advice on making sure you’re reaching as many customers as possible…

1.Is your signage and shop front clean, tidy and clear?

Does the front of your store look welcoming? If there’s litter outside, clear it up. If the windows are dirty, clean them. And don’t block out all the light in your shop with a stack of boxes in the window.

Choose a clean and simple display that lets people see inside the store. If you offer mobile phone repairs, it can be a good way to get someone in the shop and the chance to sell them other goods and services, too. I’d recommend some simple signage in the window that states you do repairs and perhaps even some of the things you can repair.

A colourful sign, board or sticker will draw the eye, but make sure it stays colourful and crisp, or replace it if it starts looking tatty!

2. Is the shop tidy?

Make sure you’re not putting people off as soon as they are over the threshold. Keep the aisles clear, the shelves tidy and boxes out of the way as soon as you’ve re-stocked.

Try to make spaces where people can easily browse – and try not to overpack
the shelves.

3.Say hello!

Greet people as soon as they’re through the door. Don’t leave the shop unattended, or have someone who looks uninterested or bored. Always just give a friendly hello. Perhaps wait a few moments before asking a follow up question – if you don’t recognise them, ask if they’ve been in before. It’s a non-threatening way to start a conversation.

Ask if there’s something specific you can help with. It’s important to be friendly and open, but don’t jump down their throats either, as pushy salespeople will push people straight back out!

4.Gather data

If you’re looking to build up extra services such as repairs or accessories, see if you can collect people’s details when they buy from you.

You can create a friendly monthly newsletter that will let them know about new stock and latest offers – don’t just push to put them on your mailing list, explain why, and the benefits they will get from giving you their details – access to extra services, a reminder about when their contract is due for renewal, or the best offers before anyone else.

Gemma Telford is managing director at the IT Marketing Agency

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