VIDEO: How BullGuard has paid out over €12m in revenue shares to partners

Security vendor BullGuard has revealed that it has paid out over €12 million in revenue share to its partners since 2010.

“Enjoying a long term partnership and commitment from you, unsurprisingly means commitment from us. That’s why we have worked hard to ensure you don’t just benefit each time you sell our products but enjoy a further revenue share every time your customers renew through the BullGuard webshop,” explains BullGuard.

Customers who are part of the BullGuard Advantage partnership programme have detailed how they benefit from the scheme in a new video.

In the video, Ben Miles, sales director at system builder Chillblast, explains how the firm has been selling BullGuard for around six years, and due to customer feedback, decided to start pre-installing BullGuard software on its systems three years ago. The firm now installs BullGuard on around 10,000 systems a year.

“The difference that BullGuard brings to the table is the level of support that they can provide to a partner like us.”

On the subject of the security vendor’s impressive revenue share numbers, Miles explains: “As well as delivering a great product to our customers, the commercial benefits come from the revenue share programme. If the customer decides to extend beyond that first year, we get a percentage of that as well.”

David Lomax, purchasing, Scan Computers also discusses how the revenue share works for his firm: “The revenue share is automatically managed by BullGuard. Every time a customer renews, BullGuard credit our account and we can keep track of this using the reseller lounge.”

Another partner featured in the video was 121 Computers. The firm’s sales executive, Karl Steggles, comments: “Advantage Plus gives us a much closer relationship with the BullGuard sales team. It also gives us the ability to joint marketing campaigns and we also get to network with other Advantage Plus partners. But the biggest benefit of all is the added revenue share on top of what we’ve already got.”

Check out the full video below:

BullGuard has also set up a Revenue Share Calculator on their website so potential partners can see how much income they could generate through the scheme – Check it out here.

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This month we also sat down with BullGuard’s security expert, Steve Bell, where he detailed how auto-renewals can an easy win for retailers and resellers.

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