Dell on diversity in tech: ‘Gender is less of an issue in UK compared to elsewhere’

Claire Vyvyan, Dell’s vice president of Dell’s Enterprise Solutions Group, says that gender and diversity in tech are bigger issues outside of the UK.

Dell and other big IT vendors have focused on pushing employee diversity and women in tech initiatives over the past year or so.

"It’s incredibly important," Vyvyan told PCR. "And actually in my space, in the engineering space, it’s even more important because finding really good female engineers is very difficult.

"The business continues to grow, and as it does, you need to have talent across the whole population.

"I’m driving the gender diversity agenda [at Dell], but I also own the LGBT agenda for Dell across EMEA, because again diversity isn’t just about gender.

"For me, gender is less of an issue in the UK. If I look at my Middle East environment, if I look at my Indian support teams, there are real gender problems there, where culturally, women working is still an issue."

Vyvyan added: "Diversity for us as a company is about having all the talent in the whole population able to work for us. I’m less interested in someone’s race, colour, creed, age, gender, sexual orientation than I am that they’re really good at their job. It should be like that.

"But we still do [see discrimination in the industry], it’s terrible human behaviour if you think about it."

Vyvyan also responded to HP’s criticism of Dell.

The PCR Women of the Year 2015 awards took place last month, which Dell sponsored.

Read more from Dell in the upcoming December issue of PCR

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