Tech Data offers single-boxing HDD and pre-populated Synology NAS service

Distributor Tech Data is now offering a single-boxing internal hard disk drive service for resellers, so they can always deliver boxed units to their customers.

The distributor has also announced that it is also offering pre-populated and configured Synology NAS devices. 

Tech Data previously supplied a single-boxing service to a limited number of partners, but is now extending this to all drives. The boxing of individual drives will be carried out as standard, with bulk packaging for system integrators available on request.

"The single-boxing of drives makes it easier for resellers to meet the service level expectations of customers, ensure drives are protected during transit and delivery, or allow for easier storage. There is no minimum order quantity and significantly, no additional or extra charge for the boxed units," Tech Data said in a statement. 

"For system integrators, drives can be delivered on a special disk tray that makes it easier for them to handle the drives. This option is available on request." 

Adam Lee, PC Components Category Manager at Tech Data, says the service has been introduced to help integrators and resellers meet the needs and expectations of their customers.

“By boxing individual disks, we are helping our partners deliver a better service and saving them the hassle and cost of boxing disks themselves when that’s required," he said.

"There are numerous reasons why integrators or resellers might want to do that – in many cases it’s simply to ensure they are handled safely during delivery and prior to installation. Some customers in both the commercial and public sectors expect disks to be boxed, so they are protected and easy to store as replacement stock.”

Separately, Tech Data has announced that it is also now offering Synology’s range of NAS drives available pre-populated and configured with disk drives, making it easier for resellers to offer these storage solutions for rapid deployment. 

Single-enclosure NAS devices are available with 2TB, 3TB and 4TB capacities and double-enclosure units with 4TB, 6TB and 8TB. Initially, Tech Data is offering WD Red drives in the populated Synology solutions, but is also planning to make them available with Seagate disk units.

Systems integrators and resellers that want to find out more about the new services can contact Tech Data’s PC Components team on 01256 864 220 or email

It also seems Tech Data has quietly updated its logo.

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