Amazon launches new cloud services for customers

Today at Amazon’s AMS re:Invent taking place in Las Vegas, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced a brand new cloud-powered business intelligence service, known as Amazon QuickSight.

The service has been designed to make the development of visualisations easier for all employees.

Amazon QuickSight uses a new fast parallel in-memory calculation engine dubbed Spice, to perform advanced calculations and render visualisations quickly.

The service integrates automatically with AWS data services, enables organisations to scale to thousands of users and delivers fast query performance to customers via Spice’s query service.

Raju Gulabani, VP of database services at Amazon Web Services, said: “In a world increasingly dominated by connected devices and mobile users and where corporate data is moving to the cloud, our customers continue to collect and store massive amounts of their data across a wide range of AWS’s data services.

“These customers have been asking AWS for an analytics solution that can enable every one of their users to gain insights and make rapid decisions using this data.

“After several years of development, we’re excited to bring Amazon QuickSight to our customers – a fast and easy-to-use BI service that addresses these needs at an affordable price.”

Pricing for the new service from the etailer starts at $9 (£6) per user, per month.

During the event, Amazon also announced two new capabilities to help customers transfer data of various sizes to the cloud. The first is known as AWS Snowball, which securely transfers 50TB per alliance of data into and out of AWS. The second is Amazon Kinesis Firehouse, whish is a fully managed service for loading streaming data into AWS.

Another service launched at re:Invent includes the Accenture AWS Business Group, which has been designed to help clients move their business to the cloud.

Lastly, two new data services were unveiled, called AWS Database Migration Service and Amazon RDS for MariaDB. Amazon says that these make it easier for enterprises to bring their production databases to AWS.

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