ProLabs unveils range of 100G compatible products

ProLabs has announced a new range of 100G compatible optical infrastructure products.

ProLabs’ products are compatible with multiple OEM vendors across a product portfolio from 100BASE-FX to 100GB. Its products provide interoperability across different systems.

The new series will include a range of connectivity solutions, including the CFP-100G-LR4-C and CFP-100G-LR-UC (uncoded), and the FP-100G-SR10-C and CFP-100G-SR10-UC, which are all available now. As well as this, ProLabs will launch the CFP2-100G-LR4-C in early 2016.

This launch represents a key milestone in the advancement and accessibility to 100G connectivity, as industries aim to modernise and renovate network infrastructures.

“ProLabs’ global outreach coupled with this new range of 100G products gives customers the opportunity to deploy the latest, most reliable technology wherever they are in the world,” said Christian Rookes, director of product management at ProLabs.

“The world of optical infrastructure is evolving and end-users no longer have to be constrained to one vendor’s products. This new range of ProLabs’ products allow end-users to use numerous OEM products alongside each other, with 100 percent interoperability at 100G speeds.”

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