DinoPC revamps product range: ‘No one else in the UK is presenting PCs in such a consumer-friendly way’

UK performance system builder DinoPC has launched a new website and tweaked its product range.

The PC builder has been going through a transformation of late, moving into new refurbished offices and redesigning its website to make it more mobile-friendly, as well as showing off its new products at Multiplay Insomnia last month.

The new DinoPC website is now live, and the firm will make further readjustments after gathering feedback from customers and partners.

On the product front, DinoPC has a new custom watercooled range, called Carnivore, plus it has also updated its mainstream product range, and is currently reviewing different barebone manufacturer options at the moment.

"The Carnivore desktop range is a bit different and we’ve already had two positive reviews from Kitguru and CustomPC," DinoPC owner Vladimir Kuznetsov told PCR.

"On the more mainstream desktop range, we’ve completely changed the line-up from the old website, with a new naming and category structure.

"There’s a bit less choice now when configuring a desktop PC, so all the desktop models are more unique.

"It’s a more thought out range with less options, making it less daunting for customers to pick a spec and to create a more balanced configuration, but then we still have a configurator where you can spec out whatever configuration you want, no matter how wacky.

"The gist of it is that we’re trying to have a range of models that appeals better to the target market, presented in an informative way, so that customers understand the difference between a £500 PC and a £1,000 PC in terms of performance and in terms of features."

Kuznetsov says that DinoPC has made more of an effort in being vendor-neutral and informative, to help the customer make a more informed decision.

He added: "We’ve put a lot of work into writing the descriptions for each computer ourselves rather than outsourcing it, so that we can explain better why we picked that particular component for that PC.

"We didn’t try to push a certain component to a customer, instead we try to be informative and neutral, as it doesn’t make a difference to us if the customer goes for one component over another. So it’s more about educating and explaining why we recommend a certain product, without been pushy or reciting the usual generic marketing talk.

"I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else in the UK put as much of a concerted effort into presenting computers in such a consumer friendly way.

"But there’s still a lot of work to do – the FAQs page isn’t up yet and we’re working on a ‘Jargon Buster’ as well as a number of developments over the next few months."

Check out the upcoming November issue of PCR for the full interview with DinoPC

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