Leaked Google Chromecast reveals future of streaming

After launching its first successful Chromecast back in 2013, rumours have suggested that Google is back with a second-generation device.

Designed as a streaming device, the new Chromecast will allegedly include improved Wi-Fi, the first Chromecast only supported 802.11b/g/n, as well as a whole host of new features.

Among these new features also include support for content feeds and something called ‘Fast Play’, which could help make connecting Chromecast to other devices much quicker and simpler than its predecessor.

The new device will allegedly be showcased at Google’s event later this month, reports 9to5Google.

Leaked images depict a circular device, suggesting Google has ditched the dongle design of the previous Chromecast, but these pictures are blurry so it is hard to describe what exactly we’re looking at.

In addition, rumours have suggested that the new Chromecast will include support for content feeds on the Chromecast home screen.

At the moment it isn’t clear what kinds of feeds will be available, but this could suggest users will be able to add social media or image feeds that can play when the device is in its screensaver mode.

The very first Chromecast was priced at a bargain £30, but whether the new device will come with such a cheap price tag remains a mystery.

If the new Chromecast does come with these features that 9to5Google is suggesting, this could no doubt improve streaming for users.

For example improved Wi-Fi speeds will allow users to connect to more devices quickly and share files.

Streaming is certainly gaining momentum, with more consumers signing up to streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming, and if Google goes on to unveil the rumoured device, it’s likely it will be just as popular as the first Chromecast.

Image source: 9to5Google

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