How can tech firms get the most from advertising on game streaming websites?

Game streaming sites like Twitch and YouTube Gaming are gaining in prominence, but what should tech firms consider when marketing through these platforms?

Some are simply placing ads with these sites, while others are sponsoring particular gamers or streamers. Others, like system builder Utopia Computers, are introducing revenue share schemes to streamers, giving Twitch or YouTube streamers the chance to earn some money. Plus, retailer OverclockersUK has also introduced an affiliation program, where customers can apply to become an affiliate or a partner to earn money. 

But how can other firms get the most from their marketing budgets on these websites?

Maggie Zaboura, founder of PR consultancy firm Zaboura, has told PCR in an interview how important using video advertising is.

“There’s certainly no ignoring the power of video when it comes to gaming, and also niches like beauty, fashion and cooking," she said. “But the people viewing that output are largely a younger demographic. Although that’s changing too.”

To some businesses it can also be difficult to ensure that they are getting good value or return on investment (ROI).

“As with any online advertising, figuring out the ROI is easy. Getting to an acceptable ROI is the challenge," she added.

“However, the tools advertisers have at their fingertips now allow an unprecedented level of audience selection. So if you know your audience, you can target them very accurately. Then it’s just a matter of finding out the value to you. The most cost effective results come from knowing your audience and identifying them as accurately as you can."

In addition, Zaboura also offered her opinions on what’s next in the tech market.

“I have been involved in technology my whole working life and this is by far the most exciting time in tech,” she commented.

“The biggest change has already happened and from now on we can only see huge innovation in every aspect of our lives. Home automation, car automation, biotech, health and medicine as well as communication, are moving rapidly.”

To find out more advice on improving your marketing strategy, read the full interview with Maggie Zaboura in the upcoming October issue of PCR

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