Are more smart products at risk of outages?

Smart home vendor Nest has revealed that it is having trouble with its systems, for the second time in less than a week.

Many users have been unable to connect to their thermostats and security cameras, while previously customers were unable to connect to Nest’s web and mobile app services.

However, those using a thermostat will be able to adjust the temperature of it manually. 

The first outage was reported on September 8th, where the firm revealed it was investigating a service outage with its web app.

The fact that Nest has reported two outages in a week is a little worrying, since security cameras are used to protect homes.

But it seems the company has worked fast to combat the glitch, writing on Twitter: "All devices should now be back online. If you continue to have issues, please reach out to us so we can help." 

It isn’t unusual for an outage to happen with connected devices, but as more consumers don’t seem to be interested in smart home devices, could this prevent more from embracing the trend?

For example, new data from analyst Context shows that 56 per cent simply aren’t interested in smart home products, while 62 per cent of UK consumers haven’t heard of the term ‘Smart Home’.

Although this is the case, more and more vendors are dabbling in the smart home sector, with the likes of Apple releasing a string of smart home devices, which includes sensors. 

In addition, companies such as Netatmo have released their own version of a smart home camera, so it seems this industry certainly does have scope.

But while more customers choose to ignore the growing sector and remain reluctant to purchase goods, it may be a while before these products hit the mainstream.

Now that Nest has experienced its second outage in less than a week, this proves that more needs to be done to secure the frequency that is being used, to ensure problems likes this do not occur again.

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